Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Happy Belated 20th Birthday Ajin ^_^


Post ni sepatutnya seminggu yang lalu tapi terlambat dah. Lupa gila dah kat blogger, huhu. Ya sesungguhnya aku dah mencapai umur 20 tahun. Hmmmm. What I can say is, age doesnt show your maturity right? I'm still have a long journey to go through. So for my 20th birthday, finally what I've wanted all this while is magically happened. A celebration on my birthday. Truthfully, this is my first time kawan2 buat suprise. And first time celebrate. And first time receive cake for my birthday from my friend. Yeahh, last sekali celebrate masa umur 8 tahun u knowwww.Keke. Even it is just a mini celebration. Thank you friend. I love you muah muah. Wuekkk. Sayang jugak korang kat aku nk plan2 ni. Haha. Thanks ^_^ Dan selain nya tentulah hadiah2 dari family tercinta. :))

 So my wish..... again, LOVE and HAPPINESS. That is all I want. Hmmm. Money pun, because nak travel banyak2. Hehe. :P

Monday, 26 August 2013

CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour in Malaysia !!

This is really a dream come true. Until now I can't believe it that finally I've met CNBLUE live in front of my eyes. Awwwwww. They are so awesome !! We, Boices in Malaysia have waited so long for their concert and this is their first solo concert in Malaysia ! So based on the report, they are about 4,500 Boices have come to the concert. And many of  the Malaysia's Boices are males ! WOW ! Daebak ! I know many of the others Boices wanna go to the concert and it is more than 4,500 Boices in Malaysia. It is double than that. Or maybe triple. I wish all of Malaysia's Boices can come to their concert.

So I came to the concert with my best friend. She accompanies me even though she is not a boice. But now after the concert, SHE IS one of the BOICES yeahhh! HAHA. We came early, at about 2 pm and I meet my other friends whom also went to the concert. 

This is the atmosphere in front of the stadium. So ROCK yeah !

Many CNBLUE's merchandise has been sold. And we sort of wanna buy everything there. Haha. Then I meet some other Boices that came alone and she is from Sabah, Yen. It is really fun to be friends with other Boices and enjoy the day ! The amazing thing is, we got free 2 Samsung lanyards ,2 pictures of us and 2 Blue Moon official t-shirts given by Samsung Galaxy. Thank you so much !! This is really made my day. And Onie, my friend, gave a picture of us taken by her instax camera. I really like the photo !

So we waited for the concert to start and suddenly we hear Yong Hwa's voice practising in the Stadium. We are screaming excitedly ! Haha. I really never had this feeling of really love some artist. CNBLUE is my first most favourite artist in my whole life. And this is the very first concert in my life. 

About 6 pm, we are ready to go inside the stadium. And we got the BEST seat even though we are buying the cheapest ticket, hehe. We waited for them and the show started with the Opening performances. A beat box guy with 2 violin's man. Yeah, they are cool and amazing. And finally this is it !! The video introduction of CNBLUE, thennn  "Im searching Where You ARE !!" wohooo. Screaming like a maniac. Haha. Then the concert begin. This is the list of their songs.

Where you are
Get Away
One time
Naran Namja
Coffee shop
Have a good night
Wake up
More than you
Love Light
These day
Y, why
Just Please
In My Head
I’m a Loner
I’m Sorry

Hey You
Love Girl
Feel Good
Try again
Smile again

The night ended successfully. And until now I cant get over it. The Yong Hwa's dance, Jong Hyun's voice, Min Hyuk's cuteness of speaking Malay and Jung Shin's naughtiness. Their muscles too, HAHA. 
The epic thing is when we found an instax picture of Jong Hyun's on the road. I saw it first but my friend that WAS not Boices holding it. Then she took it. I guess that's a gift for her that has become one of the Boices. HAHA. But still Im feeling sad because I was the hardcore fan first. Hehe. But sorry to the Boice who lost it. Peace !! So CNBLUE, thank you so much ! Terima kasih. Please come again to Malaysia. Thanks for your hardwork in speaking Malay to! Saya Cinta Kamu ! Saya Rindu Kamu ! Heee. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Sincerely, Me : Noorazreen Zulkalnain :))
24/8/2013 <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Dream is not necessary something big. As long as you are happy with your choice,it could be the best dream. 

-Dream High 2-

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Its time to say Goodbye...

Lovely comot, 2008-mid 2013.
Miss you Comot. 
Miss you Ciki ( Now with its new home )

Monday, 24 June 2013

Discovery ME #2

I have to use blanket whenever I sleep. Anytime. As it makes me feels protected. :)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Life as a First Year Student is finally ended...

There's so much things I've experienced as I live as a UPM's student since 9 sept 2012. Time flies. Even its only 8 months, theres so much drama and amazing people I've met. So now it would be a looong holiday, and I'm recalling back my fabulous time in UPM as a first year student that I do not want to forget.

Minggu Perkasa Putra
Minggu orientasi kat UPM is so much different from MDS in UiTM. It is more mature orientasi day. No ragging. We can wake up normally at 7.00 am like that. Kolej 15 MTM day. Me doing unmaturedly fun performance. Erkk. Crazy night i think on that day. Admired the fasi. Haih, unmatured unmatured !Haha.

Meet Nikki
Nik Zuriatiy Nik Ahmad, she's someone that Im gratefully met. The only person that looks at me and sees me for the first time at the Faculty's day. She's there for me when I needed one. Hope we are friends forever till the end. Thanks nikki !

A great memory with them. The movie's night.

Heh semangat negara. Seronok sebab persembahan teater. Rehearsel 2 kali jep but in the end, its the best performance !
Tersangat la lawak. Hadoih. Behnyaaaa. Dengan kisah cintanya, kepalanya, basikalnya, pedangnya. Jepunis. Huahua. 

Dr.Affendi vs En.Alauddin
Lecturer best friend yang paling sempoi. Cool gila! Lawok gila! HAHA. Gaya best friend sama je. Haih haih. 

The Saddest Thing
Takkan cite happy je, ada gak kisah duka. When ur close friends broke your heart. Dush...
It hurts.

Oh gossipping with roomies, Nina Tasha. Sit together and have ghost stories at about 6pm. Haha. Lari2 dalam toilet. Tidur ketakutan. Learned the 'F' language. KPOP story. Haihhhh. Nina I'll miss u. 

A group bunch of networkers
3KJ ? Unitednya la. Haha. Meet a bunch of crazy people. Skipping class (sometimes). Hanging out together. Lepaking. :P

Cyber Campus@15
Korean day. Jadi fasi, buli pemain. Kahkah. Jumpa erul. Menang lucky draw. Music chair. 

Cameron Highland
The best trip ever in the 2nd sem. Kononya nak buat kajian. Tapi akhirnya lebih holiday trip je.

PRT presentation
Boleh plak create satu cerita, gabung2 gambar. Pegi Taman Botani, pastu sambung lak makan2 Johnyss. At the end Onie pun hampir pecah an rahsia "She is Najwa's mother". We are like "ONIE!" . Lawok ler, nasib baik la lecturer tu tak tanya banyak. Haha. *Adakah anda faham ? * :P

That's the memory I want to forever remember. One day I would open this back and smile while thinking "Oh, Ive experienced so much thing in the past junior day". 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Discovery ME#1

Ya Allah, lama sungguh tak bukak blog ni. Busy sangat ya aku nih.
Dan tibatiba nak post bila teringatkan pasal bunga !
Ini disebabkan effect projek Cameron plus pasal floriculture akhirnya aku tau bunga apa yang aku suka...


Oh comel kan? Selama ni bila orang tanya suka bunga apa, aku jawab ROS sebab ros yang paling famous kan. Ros pun cantik je tapi nampaknya aku lebih memilih lavender daripada ros.
Oleh itu,sesiapa nak bagi bunga sila bagi bunga lavender ya!
Sekian terima kasih, Hehe. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Cameron Highland

Hello ,Cameron Highland !

Siapa sangka lepas seminggu balik dari Singapore, boleh pulak aku pergi ke sini. :O
Alhamdulillah, aku bersyukur sangat sebab dapat peluang ni. Bukan senang aku nak sampai sini. Ni pun sebab ada projek PRT. Supposely cari pasal floriculture, but in the end kami cuma dapat tangkap gambar je banyak pasal bunga2 kat situ. After that, we are a tourist ! 

(1)Orchid Nursery

(2)Cameron Tea Valley

(3)Rose Valley
Parking bayar kat Bangla RM3 -__- dan berjalan kaki ke Rose Valley. Bila sampai katanya tak boleh nak tolong explain kan so patah balik lalu kami pun bergambar. :P

(4) Rumah Orang yang ada Taman Bunga
Singgah kejap sebab ternampak pokok bunga matahari yang dia tanam. Amazing ! Besar !

Cari cari bunga. Tangkap tangkap gambar. Makan ais krim strawberry. Coklat strawberry. Air strawberry.
Semua strawberry. Haha.

(6) Teh BOH
Tabik spring Onie n Wawa driver sebab mampu nak 'mendaki' jalan tu. Best dapat naik tapi malangnya hujan time tu. Jadinya sempat bergambar kat tepi2 jep then balik mencari hotel.

(7)Hotel Awan Biru
Not bad. Price affordable. Strategic place. Near Titiwangsa Hotel.

Makan kejap kat food court; harga murah ! Tomyam campur, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar, daging merah. Nyum nyum. Semua lapar sangat kot time ni. HAHA. 

(8) Pasar Malam Brinchang
Menuju ke pasar malam berjalan kaki. BEST! Open only on Friday and Saturday night. Lucky WE. Dapat jalan shopping makanan. Beli strawberry.
Beli gloves. Beli baju bundle semurah RM 3!Beli beli dan beli :D

Day 2
(9)Time tunnel, Lavender Nursery
Lalu je tapi tak masuk. :P

(10)Kea Farm
Beli belah lagi. Baju+teh+buah kering+keychain+jambu strawberry+sayur2. Semua kat sini ada. Best shopping !

(11)Cameron Tea Valley-AGAIN !
Sambung photoshoot for the last time.

We love Teas. HAHA. Best friend's trip ever. Feels like a family trip. Warm and comfort. 
Love, Cameron( 21/4-22/4).

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ipoh Mali !

Berjalan sebentar sehari di Ipoh , Perak. 
Apa ada kat Perak ni? 
Selain Sg Klah, Bkt Merah, Gambang, rasanya semua tempat aku dah pergi kat Perak. 
Tapi mana nak jalannya kat Ipoh pun tak tau. Tau nya Ipoh Parade je. :P

The aim : Menuju ke Cameron Highland,Pahang for study trip.Singgah sebentar kat rumah Wawa so that senang nak bertolak esoknya. 
Date : Day 1- 19.4.2013(Friday)

3 days 2 nights trip(include Cameron's trip)

Tinggal kat rumah Wawa. Wawa pun bawak gi isi perut jap kat gerai bawah pokok tepi padang bola. Hee
Inilah yang kami makan; Cucur Bonda,Laksa,Keropok Lekor.
Yang uniknya Cucur tu dia cicah ngan kuah kacang. Sedap !

Pastu Wawa bawak gi pusing tengok2 Ipoh jap. Aku macam pernah je jalan kat situ sebab dulu selalu je datang Ipoh sebab akak aku belajar kat Tronoh. Cumanya tak tau apa yg menarik kat situ.
The other keunikan nya is Nasi Vanggay. Ada Nasi Ganja gak tapi katanya ada beza sikit dari Vanggay. 

Ipoh Vanggay
Vanggay = Mali (Ipoh Vanggay !)

My Ipoh's Story
Pastu balik dah siap2 nak tidur. Aku lak nak mandi jap, saja je bukak tingkap bilik Wawa tu. Tak sangka lak diorang semua terkejut sampai menjerit kuat gila nampak aku. HAHAHA. Lawak gila ! Aku dah la sorang2 kat luar tu, berlari aku terkejut tengok diorang. Haih. Time tidur lak saja nak story,tak sangka Sentol tu aku memang selalu salah sebut. Hadoi. Dah banyak gelak baru sedar balik esok nak gi Cameron. So kena stop, dan gi tidur. 

Byebye Ipoh, Hello Cameron ! 

*To be continued : Cameron's Story

Monday, 22 April 2013

Singapore trip - Part 2

The Singapore,Singapore Day !
2nd day lagi interesting sebab dapat jalan separuh Singapore. Tak dapat pergi semua tempat sebab tak sempat, kaki pun dah penat. Bertolak agak lambat guna kereta lalu jalan Tuas. Jauh sikit ikut situ plus tol mahal, tapi berbaloi sebab cepat sampai. Masuk Singapore ikut jep GPS, thanks to technology ! Sampai kat Suntec Mall dulu sebab ikut plan kakak nak jalan Singapore naik MRT.

So here is the ticket machine of MRT Station. Dengan yakin nya kami beli tiket menuju ke Bugis. Tapi sebenarnya dah salah sebab kena main tukar2 lane sebab ada 4 lane yang berbeza tuk MRT Singapore ni. Dan menakjubkan adalah kami beli 5 kali tiket yang sebenarnya boleh je topup kat mesin. Membazir 10cent=25 cent(MYR) setiap kali beli tiket tu. Banyak kali gak asyik tersilap beli,kali ke 5 baru lah pro. Hoho Dan aku sangat lah tertarik dengan setiap stesen MRT situ, high standard ! Bersih lagi sistematik . :O
Bagus sangat. Disiplin.

Kami menuju pula ke Bugis Street ! Lepas berhenti kat Bras Basah terpaksa jalan kaki sebab dah tersalah tren kan. Terpaksa jalan sikit sebab dah salah beli. Kalau tak terus sampai jep. 

The Bugis Street !
Wey, best shopping sini. Barang murah lagi high standard. Best quality. Kira berbaloi shopping kat sini.

Eating time :)
Bila berjalan tak ingat nak makan, bila dah mula lapar kedai apa pun jumpa main makan je. Haa, nothing special pun makan nasi briyani ayam goreng je kat sini. $12=RM30

The Arab Street
Meet an exciting and friendly tourist from Tokyo,Japan. Kalaulah aku amek phone num or email dia so that senang sikit kalau nak travel ke sana. Eceeh. Berangan kejap*

Stadium Indoor Singapore
Stesen MRT kat Stadium ni la yang paling lawa and stylo ! Stadium pun lawa je.
Tujuan ke sini : Melawat CNBLUE :P

CNBlue sila tunggu kami kat Malaysia ya ! ^_^

The Singapore City(Merlion, Marina bay, Esplanade, etc) 

The end Singapore trip 2 days(12/4-13/4). 
*Banyak lagi tempat tak pergi; Orchard Road,Hard Rock Cafe,Changi Airport, Sentosa Island. 
Need another 2 days. 
Its not enough but Im still feel grateful to be given this oppurtunity. Alhamdulillah ^_^

Singapore Trip - Part 1

 The Singapore Trip
  • The day : 11/4/2013 - 14/4/2013(Thurs-Sun)
  • Transport : Car and bus
  • Budget : RM1200(include hotel,transport,USS,passport,shopping,eat)
  • Hotel : Tune Hotel near Angsana mall
  • 2 people's trip (My sister and me ^_^)
Yeah, that's summarize things that I needed when I travel to Singapore . Heww. Rasa letihnya tak hilang lagi sampai sekarang. Tapi 2 hari kat Singapore memang tak cukup. Rasa tak puas lagi.

The First Day ....
Nothing much to share about because we are tired sitting in car for 4 hours - from KL to JB.
So sampai je just usha2 Johor Premium Outlet dan rehatkan diri untuk trip Singapore esok.

The Universal Studio's Day ...
Pukul 7 pagi kena ready kat bawah sebab trip ni kami naik bas khas yang tunggu kte orang kat bawah. Servis bas bagus sebab menepati masa & tak buat kami tunggu lama pun. Bila dah gerak, nak masuk negara orang kena lalu imigresen. First time lalu imigresen dan tengok tempat tu. Bagi passport untuk check, then berlari kejar orang yang naik bas yang sama sebab takut tersesat sebab tak tau platform mana nak dituju lepas check passport tu. Disebabkan kami lalu Woodlands, jalan punyalah sesak. Semuanya sebab ramai orang nak lalu imigresen Singapore ikut Woodlands ni sebab jalan ni lebih shortcut dan murah berbanding Tuas. Akhirnya dah lalu imigresen stuck lagi kat tgh jalan. Akhirnya 3 jam stuck, baru lah sampai USS. 

Its Universal Studio ! 

Siapa sangka akhirnya dapat aku sampai kat sini ! Alhamdulillah. My wish come true :D

Kedai makanan halal ada 3 je(tak silap aku) and kat Madagascar kami makan nasi ayam. Unique taste +delicious.
Price : about 20 dollars = RM50 per person. $_$

The Madagascar land

Kingdom of Far Far Away-Shrek

The Mummy 
Siapa sangka aku mampu naik High Speed Roller Coaster. Hewww. First and the last time aku naik benda tu. Sumpah tak nak naik lagi ! Laju gila nak mati.

Sci fi Place
Hanya mampu tengok jep. Tak sanggup nak naik. Aku ni cepat pening main benda pusing2 nih. High speed tu pun dah rasa nak muntah. Tak larat dah.

The most favourite place- Hollywood :D

The end of our journey for the first day. Agak kelam kabut kerana kena ikut timing bas, kalau tak kena tinggal. Back 7.30 pm, arived in JB 10.30 pm. 

To be continued......Singapore trip- Part 2

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Why can't I ?

Everyone likes to question me. " why you choose this path? "
ME : Why can't I ? 

You are not alone ...

When you are feeling alone, just remember that Allah S.W.T is always with you.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A true friend


A friend is not considered a friend until he is tested in 3 occasions; in time of need, behind your back and after your death. 
(Ali ibn Abi Talib)