Saturday, 22 June 2013

Life as a First Year Student is finally ended...

There's so much things I've experienced as I live as a UPM's student since 9 sept 2012. Time flies. Even its only 8 months, theres so much drama and amazing people I've met. So now it would be a looong holiday, and I'm recalling back my fabulous time in UPM as a first year student that I do not want to forget.

Minggu Perkasa Putra
Minggu orientasi kat UPM is so much different from MDS in UiTM. It is more mature orientasi day. No ragging. We can wake up normally at 7.00 am like that. Kolej 15 MTM day. Me doing unmaturedly fun performance. Erkk. Crazy night i think on that day. Admired the fasi. Haih, unmatured unmatured !Haha.

Meet Nikki
Nik Zuriatiy Nik Ahmad, she's someone that Im gratefully met. The only person that looks at me and sees me for the first time at the Faculty's day. She's there for me when I needed one. Hope we are friends forever till the end. Thanks nikki !

A great memory with them. The movie's night.

Heh semangat negara. Seronok sebab persembahan teater. Rehearsel 2 kali jep but in the end, its the best performance !
Tersangat la lawak. Hadoih. Behnyaaaa. Dengan kisah cintanya, kepalanya, basikalnya, pedangnya. Jepunis. Huahua. 

Dr.Affendi vs En.Alauddin
Lecturer best friend yang paling sempoi. Cool gila! Lawok gila! HAHA. Gaya best friend sama je. Haih haih. 

The Saddest Thing
Takkan cite happy je, ada gak kisah duka. When ur close friends broke your heart. Dush...
It hurts.

Oh gossipping with roomies, Nina Tasha. Sit together and have ghost stories at about 6pm. Haha. Lari2 dalam toilet. Tidur ketakutan. Learned the 'F' language. KPOP story. Haihhhh. Nina I'll miss u. 

A group bunch of networkers
3KJ ? Unitednya la. Haha. Meet a bunch of crazy people. Skipping class (sometimes). Hanging out together. Lepaking. :P

Cyber Campus@15
Korean day. Jadi fasi, buli pemain. Kahkah. Jumpa erul. Menang lucky draw. Music chair. 

Cameron Highland
The best trip ever in the 2nd sem. Kononya nak buat kajian. Tapi akhirnya lebih holiday trip je.

PRT presentation
Boleh plak create satu cerita, gabung2 gambar. Pegi Taman Botani, pastu sambung lak makan2 Johnyss. At the end Onie pun hampir pecah an rahsia "She is Najwa's mother". We are like "ONIE!" . Lawok ler, nasib baik la lecturer tu tak tanya banyak. Haha. *Adakah anda faham ? * :P

That's the memory I want to forever remember. One day I would open this back and smile while thinking "Oh, Ive experienced so much thing in the past junior day". 

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