Monday, 29 October 2012

19 years old !

Happy 19th birthday Ajin. My wishes :
- Want to be a better muslimah
-Success dunia akhirat
-To be love for who I am
-travel with family&friends
-bussiness: kumpul duit
-to experience in many things
-nak polaroid kamera
-teringin nak gi concert
-A happy life
Puhhhhhhh. Amin :)
InsyaAllah tercapai. Hehe. Imaginary cake pun jadi la. Thanks for all the wishes.
And to my beloved family; mama: thanks untuk set Elianto,kakak: novel, andYami:headphone.
To athirah: belanja makan, Fazila: air bubble tea( termasuk duit minyak eh? :P), and Wawa: for the last person yang mengisi masa terakhir dgn calling. Thank you for the simple last teen's birthday ;')
Love, Ajin.


Friday, 19 October 2012

Hope and Faith

Have faith in Allah, insyaAllah He will lead you to the right way.
Dont ever lose hope! Trust in yourself, trust in Allah s.w.t. :)