Sunday, 11 December 2011

CN Blue! The best male KPOP band I love

CN Blue=Code Name BLUE
Start to love them since I watched Jung Yong Hwa dramas; You're Beautiful and Heartstrings.
Although his character in both dramas are like a very very very good boy, BUT he is naughty in his real life! 
Really a mischiveous man : YONG CHODING, HAHA.
I watched him in We Got Married too, where he is married to Seo Hyun (SNSD). They are really sweet couple! 
I hope its REAL and not just VIRTUAL marriage. 
Alright why im talking so much about YONG HWA? Haha. I love him the most. <3
Jung Yong Hwa
The next one is JUNG SHIN...chingooo.... hoho.
I like his character too, although he looks a lil bit like a woman, but he has his own charm. HAHA.
He is naughty like YONG HWA too...I guess I like naughty guys too much! LOL.
Lee Jung Shin
Then , there is JONG HYUN...he is the 2nd handsome guys in this group(in my opinion) :P
And also the 2nd tallest guy in this group(the 1st one is JUNG SHIN)
He look so smart and cool in the 'I'm a Loner MV'!
Lee Jong Hyun
Last one is MIN HYUK siiii.... He is cute as his look. :)
Adorable too...HAHA... He also acting with yong hwa in Heartstrings...
And he is in the 3rd ranking of height...So the last one would be.....YONG HWA, haha. 
But still,YONG HWA is the 1st ranking in my heart, HAHA. :P
Kang Min Hyuk
Alright why the group name is CN Blue? Because each of them have their own name code.
Lee Jong Hyun - Burning
Kang Min Hyuk - Lovely
Lee Jung Shin - Untouchable
Jung Yong Hwa - Emotional 

Their songs are really AWESOME! I like yong hwa voice and this group playing guitar is just DAEBAK! 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Sweet 18th ...

sweet lagi ke? hee...
BTW im not underage anymore=BIG girl now.

Aku dapat hadiah from mak aku yg pastinya.
Beg,duit n especially kad(every yr dpat from mak aku) .
Walaupun dapat hadiah awal seminggu sebelum 28 OKT tapi aku tggu gak nak baca kad 28hb tuh.
Then, dpt beg duit from my lil bro n a sweet pink cup from my big sis.
Ayah aku lak belanja makan. IKAN BAKAR!
Wishes yg sgt byk from facebookers pun satu hadiah yg aku hargai.
80++ org wish n post kat wall, sgt terharu n terasa famous pulak. Ceh... =P
Macam artis aku balas balik setiap komen org. HAHA.
BTW thanks so much buat yg komen.

Wishes on my birthday :
LOVE & HAPPINESS . Amin. :))