Monday, 26 August 2013

CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour in Malaysia !!

This is really a dream come true. Until now I can't believe it that finally I've met CNBLUE live in front of my eyes. Awwwwww. They are so awesome !! We, Boices in Malaysia have waited so long for their concert and this is their first solo concert in Malaysia ! So based on the report, they are about 4,500 Boices have come to the concert. And many of  the Malaysia's Boices are males ! WOW ! Daebak ! I know many of the others Boices wanna go to the concert and it is more than 4,500 Boices in Malaysia. It is double than that. Or maybe triple. I wish all of Malaysia's Boices can come to their concert.

So I came to the concert with my best friend. She accompanies me even though she is not a boice. But now after the concert, SHE IS one of the BOICES yeahhh! HAHA. We came early, at about 2 pm and I meet my other friends whom also went to the concert. 

This is the atmosphere in front of the stadium. So ROCK yeah !

Many CNBLUE's merchandise has been sold. And we sort of wanna buy everything there. Haha. Then I meet some other Boices that came alone and she is from Sabah, Yen. It is really fun to be friends with other Boices and enjoy the day ! The amazing thing is, we got free 2 Samsung lanyards ,2 pictures of us and 2 Blue Moon official t-shirts given by Samsung Galaxy. Thank you so much !! This is really made my day. And Onie, my friend, gave a picture of us taken by her instax camera. I really like the photo !

So we waited for the concert to start and suddenly we hear Yong Hwa's voice practising in the Stadium. We are screaming excitedly ! Haha. I really never had this feeling of really love some artist. CNBLUE is my first most favourite artist in my whole life. And this is the very first concert in my life. 

About 6 pm, we are ready to go inside the stadium. And we got the BEST seat even though we are buying the cheapest ticket, hehe. We waited for them and the show started with the Opening performances. A beat box guy with 2 violin's man. Yeah, they are cool and amazing. And finally this is it !! The video introduction of CNBLUE, thennn  "Im searching Where You ARE !!" wohooo. Screaming like a maniac. Haha. Then the concert begin. This is the list of their songs.

Where you are
Get Away
One time
Naran Namja
Coffee shop
Have a good night
Wake up
More than you
Love Light
These day
Y, why
Just Please
In My Head
I’m a Loner
I’m Sorry

Hey You
Love Girl
Feel Good
Try again
Smile again

The night ended successfully. And until now I cant get over it. The Yong Hwa's dance, Jong Hyun's voice, Min Hyuk's cuteness of speaking Malay and Jung Shin's naughtiness. Their muscles too, HAHA. 
The epic thing is when we found an instax picture of Jong Hyun's on the road. I saw it first but my friend that WAS not Boices holding it. Then she took it. I guess that's a gift for her that has become one of the Boices. HAHA. But still Im feeling sad because I was the hardcore fan first. Hehe. But sorry to the Boice who lost it. Peace !! So CNBLUE, thank you so much ! Terima kasih. Please come again to Malaysia. Thanks for your hardwork in speaking Malay to! Saya Cinta Kamu ! Saya Rindu Kamu ! Heee. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Sincerely, Me : Noorazreen Zulkalnain :))
24/8/2013 <3 <3 <3

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