Thursday, 15 November 2012

New year, new life InsyaAllah...1434H

Salam Maal Hijrah 1434 H dear sisters and brothers.
Past years, last years, and my life for these 19 yearssss.....There were so many, uncountable mistakes I've done. We made all that to learn from it. But the point is, have we LEARN our mistakes? If we made anything wrong in the past time, it's time to learn it and to seek forgiveness from Allah S.W.T. 
In 1434 H, I want to ....I really really want to.....

~ be a better Muslimah
~be a good daughter; to give happiness to my family, each of them, to give them plenty of smiles and laughter)
~be a lovable friends; care for them, treasure them
~be a successful student; to gain a great pointer every sem, to be a 1st class student
~have a new experience; lots and lots of it like go travelling, do something new...
~made all these come true

Let the past, remain the past. And continue towards a better life, InsyaAllah.

By : Azreen Zulkalnain.

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