Saturday, 24 March 2012

Asasi Sains PALAM

21 May 2011-23 March 2012
Even it is not a year, but 10 months here have created a lot of memories and many things I have learned here.
Learning about people and even learning about myself.
Many first time moments; first time away from my family,first time having friends from north, south, east and west of Malaysia, first time riding a public bus, first time going to a far trip and many else. It makes me realizes that so many things that I have not learned yet in my 18 years of life!

After a month not coming home and stay in PALAM, the ending of my story here is not as good as I imagined.
Maybe cos of the beginning and the moments here are so beautiful, the ending was bad. But it is fair enough. The ending is not always HAPPY ENDING right? Or maybe the ending has not started yet?
I'm a bit disappointed with myself. Many unpredictable things happened last minutes during our last moments here and im not so happy with it.
The changing of the plan of gathering out with my housemates was making me so not in the mood, but it was our last time together, so I'm strengthen myself and cheer up! 'Kita hanya mampu merancang, tapi Tuhan yang menentukan segalanya'.  Even only a moment in IOI Mall Puchong with them, it is good enough. Then I go back to my home sweet home on a day I'm not expected. Then, I did not get the chance to hug and kiss my best friend for the last time :((. But Allah knows best. Maybe this is one of the way that will make me crazy finding a way to meet her ;P

In PALAM I learn about people, there are so many kind of people in this earth!
 I'll try to be the best and change to be a better friend.
Thanks for everything and sorry If I did anything wrong.
To my classmates A7, I'll miss each one of you.
To my housemates, do remember me even I'm not as crazy as you guys.
To my best friends (Mayamin,Nad,Wawa), best buddy ever! Muahh... <3

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  1. ajin, i know someday we'll meet again.
    but the environment and feelings will be different.
    may He bless our friendship.
    good luck my dear.
    i love u always and always :')